Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Brandy's Litter

Brandy was bred to a champion male and I was eagerly waiting this litter. She was HUGE like she swallowed a basket ball. I x-rayed her and she had 4 pups in her.. Brandy was a good size girl easy 7 to 8 pounds. She started into labor and was in labor a long time and nothing... I was up with her all nite at 5 am she was getting distressed... so I called the vet for a c-section I got the on call vet who did not want to come in... after MUCH heated discussion she finally agreed much to her dismay.. I got Brandy there at 6 am... She had a c-section and had 5 pups .. I don't know what went on but I didn't get her back until 11 am.. which my ex vet husband could do a c-section in 20 minutes and have the bitch up and awake... Brandy was REALLY out of it and in severe shock... I got her home and gave her all kinds of things to get her going. I LOVE PEP kinda like gatoraide for dogs (you can use gatoraide), Fading puppy syndrome and Nutri Drops, I wrapped her up in a warm towel... I placed her in a box in the puppy pen.. then I got the puppies all cleaned up and fed them and put them to bed beside her... then I went and crashed.. I was exhuasted being up all night... plus all the stress.. I got up at and much to my dismay and shock...utter disbelief.. she woke up and must have been still out of it but tried cleaning the puppies up (is my theory) and when they had done the c-section 2 of the pups they tore the umbillical cords on the pups and 2 had been sutured.. well the two they left them long she must have tried cleaning.. anyways all that was left were feet and heads.. she ATE the rest... NEVER had I seen anything so horrific and was I so distraut in my life... Another lesson learned the hard way. Don't ever leave a drugged bitch with puppies... make sure they are totally awake and coherant and make sure they have PAIN meds.... because a bitch will also kill pups if they are in pain.

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