Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things I've learned

For C-sections...

  • use only external sutures (never use purple sutures dogs are allergic as are many humans)
  • Make sure they tie off the umbelical cords with a suture don't tear them;
  • Always have them give mom IV fluids during c-section;
  • Always give them clavamox after a c-section cuts down on uterine scaring and helps with mastitis.
  • Make sure you have good pain meds I love buprenex(sp)

Always X-ray a bitch one week before they are due.. this can also determine the size of the pups to see if you need a c-section to begin with.

There is a bit of controversy as too whether spaying a bitch at the time of a c-section stops milk production. I found that if the bitch has more than one pup I will spay them but if they only have one pup it does seem to limit and reduce the amount of milk production.

I worm the pups at 2 weeks with Nemex then at 4 weeks my vet recommeded using fendabendazole .. i use .1 per pound of liquid 10% solution and found this works amazingly well. The first time I use it for 3 days then I repeat at 7 weeks for 5 days. This kills Cocci too. I haven't had to use Albon/Flagyl near as much using this regime and my puppies wean really easy.

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