Thursday, May 27, 2010


It was Rumor's first litter. I bred her but I didn't think she took.. She never looked pregnant... didn't act pregnant until she went into labor... on a Saturday.. I figured she had one in her... I was up all night with her and nothing.. I got her to a vet (not my regular) on call at the main clinic I go to... the vet x-rayed her and said she only had one ( Now this is the rub.. if you take a dog in for a c-section they really do not need to be x-rayed you just get charged for it) the vet said it was HUGE and she needed a c-section.. I never saw the x-ray so they took her in for a c-section...3 hours later I got her back (another BS of it doesn't take that long to do a freak'n c-section.. I know I was married to a vet he could do one in 20 minutes..I assisted him many atime!!) She said the pup had a small cleft but it was no big deal and the pup would be fine. Mind you this was about 4 pm when I left the vets on a Sunday.. it takes me 35 min to get home... I got home opened the crate and my bitch had a 6" inscision and my HUGE pup was a freak'n 2.0 oz... In Pomdom land that is absolute LITTLE .... huge is 7 oz.. and then I looked at her and she had a huge hair lip and a cleft palate.. she could not latch on at all... I cannot tell you how livid I was over this... I had to listen to that poor pup all nite til the clinic opened so I could take her in and have her euthanized... I called the owner of the clinic and complained.. and his statement was a hair lip is a cleft palate.. I tried to explain that they are different.. and found a website that stated the same but not... When you need a c-setion you are at the mercy of whoever you get.. it SUCKS!! The majority of vets here are not on call they send you to the emergency clnic or our clinic is a conglomerate of clinics with the main one being open on weekends and extended hours but you get whatever vet is working some are better than others!!

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