Friday, May 28, 2010


This was Trinket first litter. She was huge well she looked that way! Her due date came and went... she had no symptoms, so labor signs nothing... another I just know my dogs and something wasn't right... so I took her in for a c-section. The vet opened her up and her uterus was paper thin and full of pus... their were two pups and they were coated in pus they had it in their mouths and all over them.. the bigger of the two my vet got out first as she didn't think the smaller one was even alive... but then she realized he was... but she got them both revived. The mom had to be spayed. Both pups had septicemia and were sick babies..the vet didn't even think they would make it... she gave me antibiotics for pups and mom and sent us home and wished me luck. I took them all home got mom set up in the pen... gave her drugs.. then turned my attention to the pups.. I gave them IV fluids SQ and Clavamox.. along with fading puppy syndrome.. it was touch and go for a week but I brought them around. They grew up. The girl went to live and is a top breeding dog for CR Poms and the boy is a beloved pet.

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