Friday, May 28, 2010


Harmony was accidently bred... I had this over eager hormonal male that I had acquired that bred her and another show female who just needed a point to finish... I decided he was too risky to keep around and placed him.

Harmony is very small just barely 4# I kept her intact to show her ... she was a extreme piebald parti and beautiful... her first time in the ring she placed 1st in her class and took best of opposite in sweepstakes which back 13 years ago was pretty unheard of... parti color didn't win...

Well, unfortuantely, it only took one time and she was pregnant. She was HUGE the poor thing was miserable.. she had 3 weeks to go and she became paralyzed.. she could not use her rear end... I was freak'd.. she was/is my baby. It turned out the pups were laying on a nerve in her back and she could not do anything.. couldn't stand just leaked pee.. it was horrible... I contacted all kinds of dog vets, acupuncturists, chiropractors to see what we could do to help her. Everyone said once the pups shifted she would be OK.. well I gave it two days and if they didn't move I was aborting them.. I wasn't risking her life for the sake of puppies.

Luckily 2 days later sure enough they shifted and she was fine! She was so "stuffed" she could barely eat I had to feed her canned food every hour... she was a week early and she went into labor... Now I had assisted my vet husband with emergency c-sections a million times.. but I was a wreck I couldn't even watch.. she was my extra special baby.. (she also only had one kidney - see my second litter story)

They gassed her down.. and my husband got out the scalpel (now remember she was seriously like a stuffed pork chop) he made the initial slice down her belly and the pups BURST out of the inscision so fast he actually cut the face and leg and almost amputated a toe off one of the pups and they flew out. They were 5 and 6 oz puppies two a male who is Banjo and a girl who I called Cut-her cause that's what he did but they call her Cutter! Cutter ended up 12 pounds and Banjo 6 pounds! beautifully marked parti's. (dad was a 6# parti)

Harmony got spayed at the same time because I never wanted to go through this ever again. Showing for me wasn't more important than her life.

Because Harmony was so small she didn't have much milk. Luckily her mom had whelped a singleton the day before she did. He was huge... their pens were right next to each other.. the pups stayed with Harmony and she took care of them but she must have known she didn't have enough milk she would get out of the whelping box and her mom would come in lay down and nurse those pups.. in all the years I had been breeding or had dogs I've never heard or seen a bitch do this (most bitches want to kill another bitches pups) then when Harmony's mom was done she would go back to her pup and Harmony would go back to her pups.. they did this til they were weaned.. it was amazing.

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